Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BMW Auto show

(#travel) BMW holds an auto show today in Taipei, in front of Shin Kong Mitsukosh, Xiyi Place, it's shame that I can't get inside that white canopy to see the faction auto show, ( I wonder if there is an "future concept car out there" ).

But it's a really sunny day and I'm lucky that there are some BMW series show outside, I take some pictures, and maybe on Fri, I will try to get into that mystery white canopy!


BMW X5, I usually call it as a family shining SUV, one of my friend drive it with 2 little cute boys, have fun all the time!

BMW 7 Series, this is really my favorite, look at her eyes, shining and you gonna love it at the first sight!

BMW 5 & 3 Series, well, I think they are the famous series of BMW brand, people love it, enjoy while driving, and while you are the boss, it definitely suit you!

OK, my desire Z4, wait for me!!!

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