Sunday, September 5, 2010

#Aperture plug-in, BorderFX

#Aperture & #iPhoto plug-ins.

We all love to add some photos while writing blog, and if you are using Mac as like me to blogging, you may want to make sure all photos on blog is protected of your copyright; add 
a watermark is much important .

There are so many software can do this, like famous "Imagewell" (now is not free anymore), "QuickScale", "EasyBatchPhoto" etc. but there are more easy way, we are using Mac right?
everything can be more easy.

There is a little plug-in for both iPhoto & Aperture to do most essential, add border, title, copyright, including GPS and watermark, these function can be done while export, and me, like to use Aperture 

1) Plug-ins can be downloaded @iBorderfx

2) Once it's installed, it will be showed at export function

3) This main page there are 4 major functions: Image, Border, Text & watermark: 

Here are the first 2, to change image size and add different border type, then it can be add text on photos, following is what it looks like:

Regarding to add watermark, you need to use other software to make one photo, as a watermark, then add to this plug-in, then every time when you export a photo, it will automatically add watermark on it, here's how:

4) It's all done!

I'm still trying if other way to make this process more easily, before that, I will love BoderFx make this lovely plug-in for Aperture 7 iPhoto, and it would be appreciated if you and leave any comment for me about this post, any advice is welcome!