Saturday, January 29, 2011

Swift Stylus mini

Using iPad on working is really convenience, there are some really great app help iPad turn to one of the most useful tool. One app I recently download is called "Penultimate",  it could let me draw/write anything I want as like writing on paper, then save as a document.

Penultimate on App store Download it

But I used to write by finger, I have to admit that my finger not that thin as a pen, sometimes it bothers me that I have to write words larger & event hard to draw a chat, so I decide to find a stylus instead.

Here is a mini pen I found, it has soft nib like made by rubber, it's so small just a thumb high, can easy put it on aside of headphone pocket.

It cost US$ 14, friendly price, and it's sensitive and really works fine on capacitive touch screen.

This is not the best stylus I've used with laptop, but since iPad is made for mobile, I think this little stuff is good enough.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special exotic restaurant & iPhone app, Camera+

It's close to Chinese New Year about 1 week remain, and me and friend love to get together to celebrate coming new year or just told about how's everyone resolution this year or so...

We also love to choose some special store with exotic atmosphere, food, etc...,
OK, that's enough, I actually wanna introduction one of my favorite app on iPhone, and it can let you shot beautiful picture no matter of food/view/people!

Camera+  on iTunes store

iPhone 4 with 5-megapixel camera, it's really good to use taking picture more beautiful, but sometimes I do really wanna adjust those just shotted pictures then publish on twitter or facebook, this app is more useful to do that.

As you can see on introduction page, Camera+ provide tens of option to adjust pictures from camera or photo folder, only one thing that I wanna this app could be upgraded is, I can only use one of those effect each time (not include chop), most of those effect are focus on color changed, it will be great if I can mix some effect on my picture.

Once the picture shotted, it will automate make photo raw then I can continue take pictures then adjust them all later.

Click on Edit then shows effect categories, choose one then enter next level choice.

it's very easy use app with powerful function, and also with very "friendly" price, really recommend it!