Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He is in Red again, but now, it's AMG !!

Celebration time

On incredible Malaysia GP last weekend, Red Bull racing did a great job and bring home 1-2 finish ! Celebration time in on!!

Escaping the Shower

Monday, April 5, 2010

OSI model

First time to study TCP/IP, you must know OSI Model, please refer to below table:

OSI Model
Data unitLayerFunction
Data7. ApplicationNetwork process to application
6. PresentationData representation,encryption and decryption
5. SessionInterhost communication
Segments4. TransportEnd-to-end connections and reliability,Flow control
Packet3. NetworkPath determination andlogical addressing
Frame2. Data LinkPhysical addressing
Bit1. PhysicalMedia, signal and binary transmission
(from Wikipedia- OSI model)
Layer 1 : Physical (實體連接層) - 主要為連接器 (connect), 線材規格 (IEEE 802 project)
Layer 2 : Data Link (資料連接層) - Media access control (媒體存取),troubleshooting (訊號error),實體位址
Layer 3 : Network (網路層) - 處理邏輯位址 (Mac address), 路徑,路由 (Routing)
Layer 4 : Transport (傳輸層) - 流量控制,error 處理
Layer 5 : Session (會議層) - 定義連線 (on <--> off), 連線的規則,加入檢查點
Layer 6 : Presentation (展示層) - 格式,編碼,加解密
Layer 7 : Application (應用層) - input / output, IO介面,並依指定協定轉換到下一層