Saturday, June 26, 2010

We were in there before

Michael Jackson has passed away from us over a year, but I still felt as he is here with us, especially while I listening the music, that voice, that melody, every words that he sang from his heart, that's why he can influence us, that's why we never let it go, that why we love him.

Rest in Place, we love you Michael.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woz gives kid a ride to overnight iPhone line

#Apple.  I had met Woz personally few years ago for his autobiography book in Taipei, I'm a big fan of him and Woz is really friendly, as this article said, "We all gonna love Woz!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ZUploader - easy upload manager

ZUploader, is a easy using for upload files, images to specific website, it supports etc...
Those are very stable website to use.

ZUploader can be download from HERE

  • SW Name:ZUploader
  • Version    :
  • Language :英文
  • Type          :Freeware(GNU GPL v2)
  • Size           :407KB
  • OS supported:Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7

Using ZUploader

1) Before you use, need to set up "Images Uploaders", "Files Uploaders", & "Text Uploaders", choose your favorite website to upload, but you may leave it as default, it's OK and you can modify it later.
BTW, it also supports FTP, to set up it, from "Files Uploaders", choose FTP Server, then set up your account and password.

2) Grab images from computer to ZUploader window, then it will start to upload by different nature to specific website that you set up at step 1.

3) After upload, right click on the file name, there are 2 options, "Open URL" can open the download page, "Copy URL" can copy the link that you can post to friends or anywhere.

4) If you wanna extract some words and transfer it as a web page, on top right corner, click "Clipboard  upload" it will post words on windows clipboard to website you choose.

For more screenshot regarding this tool, visit HERE, it's Chinese web site, but with fully detail step by step screen shop.