Saturday, December 18, 2010

Add image to movie via QT Pro

I like to have self-style ringtone used in my iPhone, there are many tool can edit ringtone with your own music, the most fast way is use iTunes to cut 30~40 secs music from library, for me, I don't wanna my ringtone sounds just like unfinished music, so I use some basic app of Mac to edit it.

Then QT Pro it also convenience tool to do music photo slide show, when I wanna share some interesting photos on Facebook or present it using iPad, it's fun to have some background music.

Here I will use 3 apps to do it, it's a little complex, but I get used to do this way, quality just much better!

1) Open iMovie (I still use iMovie '06), import music

2) Once it's done, you can see music waves, it's useful when cutting music from time line, more precisely.

3) Choose the point from time line, then right-click to "Slit selected Audio Clip at playhead", like first pic below, then music will be separated 2 parts, delete others to keep just ringtone.
To delete part that don't want

4) Then right-click on music waves, click " show clip volume level", this can do fade-in & fade out effect.
adjust volume level, can do fade in & fade out
5) Export it as mov file

6) If you get Quicktime Pro, now can export it as aif file, then import to iTunes to cover to AAC file. Now the most import part for iPhone user:

iPhone required ringtone file as " *. m4r", once the music cover to " *.m4a", drag this file from iTunes music folder, (usually that covered m4a file will be at unknown album folder), then delete original m4a file from itunes.
At Desktop, change file name from XXX.m4a to XXX.m4r, then double click m4r file, it will be add to iTunes ringtone list automatic. 
7) When I wanna make a photo slide show with background music, I usually edit music first as steps above, then choose pics to fill in with that movie as we now already edited, let's add image.

No matter you wanna play photo slide show or only want to add a image to the movie you made, on QT Pro, click "File -> open image sequence", to choose all images.

When file opened, click "common+A" to select all, "common+C" to copy it.

8) Back to the movie, click "Add to selection & scale"

9) Now it's all done! 
10) Finally, save as another file name, "save as self-contained movie"

Friday, December 17, 2010

Xmas card sent from Santa Claus

Finland is really a beautiful and lovely country, despite it's really cold in winter, but every Christmas, I always waiting for Santa Claus from there to sent me greeting, of cause for kids, that means their wish is about to come true, that would be lots of gifts, I guess.

Visit Finland gives unforgettable memory, food stand near port, eating breakfast with sea gulls fly around is special feeling, there are many more places I want to discover.

Design of Finland is also amazing, from furniture, clothes to accessories, it can always special me; and as a stamp collector, I love their design on stamp, it shows their beautiful thousands lakes country, history, culture and unique design style, and if you ever bought stamps from them, they will send you special gift each year!

I had received Christmas greeting card sent from Finland 2 times since I bought some stamps there, look at the postmark of very cute Santa Claus on it, for me, there is no others gift better than it!

Give yourself a special Xmas card sent from Finland! There is Santa Claus' home country, the best greeting from north pole!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Season in Y2010

I love Christmas season, every year I'm waiting for it, and can't wait to see those beautiful, spectacular decorated Christmas tree, and every year, I will take pictures of those, as the most beautiful memory of the year.

This year, of course, I have a Christmas tree review as usual, as living in Taipei so long, this city is changing very fast, and try so hard to keep tourist coming back, and Christmas season is one of most important month for them to create more opportunity increasing selling and then following another big day of Chinese New Year, so from December, street down to Taipei city, become vivid!

Here are some special Christmas tree I spot it!

In front of Eslite book store in Taipei Sinxi district, this is really a little one, but I like white Christmas tree, since there is no snow here in Taipei, so a white tree may offset my little regret...

Inside Taipei City Hall station, this one is cute and spooner by a makeup company from NYC.

Swarovski crystal Christmas tree, the most shining tree I've seen, it's 79 inch high, and keeps changing lighting, so spectacular!

Inside Taipei 101, it's the first ever, make by steel and float in air, very creativity!


Located in Belltaita, the luxury department store, made by wire with flying butterfly, and people can actually get inside the Christmas tree!

Here comes, the most biggest Christmas tree! Located in center Sinxi shopping center, it's 3-floor high, and people can sit in, take special photo!

Also, this year is 60 anniversary of Snoopy,  I love Snoopy and this is my favorite decorate this year!

Finally, here is the Christmas tree located in my office building!