Friday, May 10, 2013

Vancouver Life: Study and immigration

2 months ago, I finally decided to actualize my dream, to live in Vancouver, a city I fell in love since first time I visited, and to achieve my academic goal.

2 months later, the situations changed so fast and I can only try to grab every possible opportunity. To Apply to those so called "suitable" University is extremely giving me hard time, because of my uncompleted college degree, I only had senior high school graduated transcription, plus 2 years college Diploma.

Eventually, 2 famous University here: University of Victoria, Vancouver, BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). I was so glad that I can get into these acceptance letters, but later I realized the fact: there are too many Universities and college here, and Vancouver is an immigrants city, these academic programs are specifically designed for the international students and those people who want to immigrate here.

When my life came to this stage, I should really carefully outweigh both my desire and economical side of the future life.

It was difficult for me to make a decision between immigration purpose and go back my home country to find a job. Suddenly, it just liked someone lit a spotlight on me, there is an interest of mind, but for long time, I pursued something else and forgot it. Just at this moment, I saw it!

Interpreter, this is an amazing job for me and because of my passion on English, which is contributed to this interest. I am fortunate enough, there are 2 Universities run relevant programs: Business translation of Chinese - English. I truly believed that if a window was closed, God will open another window for me, only if I can find it and see the view through that window, future is brighten!

I'd like to share this experience because, there are so many international students here in Vancouver, no matter what purpose they have, go to Universities, immigration, working, or just want to stay aboard for a while, the first step is the most important thing, you have to be there than you know what exactly you want.

Don't be afraid, at least you've tried. Don't regret, because what you experiencing here is priceless.

St. Patric Festival, Vancouver

Granville Island Market, Vancouver

The most cheery flowers I've ever seen









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