Sunday, May 26, 2013

Telephoning: Opening a call & Taking message

It is very important to illustrate your purpose and let the person who answers your phone can have complete information why you are calling. Here are some tips on calling/answering the phone.

Answer a phone:

Hello, ABC company, Financial Dept. Shelley's speaking.
Yes, this is Statistic Dept.

When you want to know who is calling:

Who is calling please?
May I know what is the connection with?
May I ask what it is reference to?



When you make a call, you should include basic information while you're calling

External call: Company name, Dept. name, and your name.
Internal call: Dept. name and your name.
Then, tell your connector and purpose.

Hello, this is Shelley from ABC company.

May I speak to...
Could you please put me through...
The reason what I'm calling is
I'm calling about....

To leave a message:

Should be able to get a message to John.
Would you like to leave a message?

May I leave a message?
Could you take a message, please?

While waiting:

Just a second / Just a moment
Getting it! (Means you are writing on paper right now)

Ask for reconfirm:

Can you read that back to me?
Let me read that back to you.
So let me make sure that I get the name right.

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