Monday, June 24, 2013

Vancouver life: The Winter Farmaer's market

Vancouver is usually so cold and windy during a winter time, following by a long, dark night, thus, people only wanna stay at home rather than go outside for activities.


However, there are still some outdoor activities each week giving people some chances to enjoy the nature.


One of the activity was "Winter Farmer's Market", and lucky for me, I got an opportunity to go there during the first month in Vancouver.


The winter farmer's market was located in the Riley Park-Little Mountain neighborhood of Vancouver, and it was also the home of the Vancouver Canadians baseball team. Near by the Hillcrest Park.

冬季農夫市場是位於Riley Park-Little Mountain附近,靠近Hillcrest Park

The entry sign showed the information of this market, lots of farmers brought their fresh vegetable and home make dishes to the market.


Grow fresh, eat fresh!!


Actually, my main purpose here was those various food trucks! Food trucks are the special feature in Vancouver, especially they serve different kind of foods, such as Mexican Taco, Indian cuisine, delicious grill and my favor, the Latin America food!

不過其實我的主要目的是來吃的!溫哥華有名的象徵之一是餐車,各國特色料理都有可能在小小的餐車上變出來!像是Taco, 印度料理和拉丁美洲的食物!

This was the one! My first target, I came here for their delicious pupusas ! I even tweeted to them the day before to make sure they were coming!

這是這間!Guanaco Truck! 他們家著名的拉丁美洲食物 pupusas, 我甚至在出發前還特別Tweet 他們確定他們會出現!

Food Truck: Guanaco Truck
Cuisine: Latin America
Recommend: Pupusa
Price: less than $10 (Around $7.5 to $10)
Twitter: @guanacotruck

They served the best ever pupusas in town, and of course, people lined up when I got there during the lunch time. But unfortunately I can't taste their fires due to the facility was broken that day, thus they decided to give us a discount for the meal for $6 each from original $9.5.

他們有最好吃的pupusas,而且理所當然的在中餐時間排滿了人。不過當天他們的炸爐出了點問題,沒辦法提供薯條。所以,所有的餐點打折囉(原價$9.5, 打折後 $6)

Here it is! The delicious pupusas which was served with caggage salad and salsa sauce.

看看這個,超好吃的pupusas, 搭配著高麗菜絲沙拉和莎莎醬,絕配!

It was baked with mashed cheese, bean, all mixed together, best served with HOT!!


Here was another food truck serving delicious Taco, which was my aother favorite cousin!

另外一台餐車也很讚啦, Coast Featro, 提供墨西哥Taco

Food Truck: Coast Featro
Cuisine: Mexican
Recommend: Taco
Price: less than $4.5-$6.5 (Around $7.5 to $10)
Twitter: @Coastfeatro
Must try: Salmon Taco

This Taco was as big as my palm, fulled of smoked salmon, Advocado, fresh tomato and cheese. Huge size with a very reasonable price ($4.5 each) !

這一個Taco 整整有我一個手掌大!滿滿的鮭魚,酪梨和新鮮蕃笳還有起司。超大一個 $4.5元,相較於其它餐車動軋$7起跳,很划算。

One more surprise was their hand cut fries, use a whole potato to cut becoming wave shape fires, served with mustard sauce, fantastic!


There were other two food trucks also popular and people lined up just for a taste, but I dismissed them. One was Le Tigre Cuisine Mobile Food Truck. It was more like Taiwanese famous fried chicken stand. I was sure their food must be so delicious, people crowded around the truck all the time.

另外有2台餐車我就沒去排了,一台是 Le Tigre Cuisine, 賣的東西很像台灣的鹹酥雞,生意好到人潮沒少過。

Another was a tank. Yeap, a TANK! The chef served a chili beef sauce with 2 pieces of toasted garlic bread, I didn't try it since I was so full at that moment, but it attracted many people and it has great reviews on Urbanspoon.


Vancouver's weather is hard to predict and rains often, people really wanna go outside when the sun comes out. And I am a part of them, enjoy the sun and delicious food, what a wonder day!


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